Indian Flag Colors Meaning | Independence Day 2013

Indian Flag is simple three colored flag. With a Blue color Ashok Chakra at the center. Top of the Indian flag is filled up with saffron color, the middle strip is white colored and the base stripe is green colored. Each of these colors on the Indian flag has it’s own significance. Flag is made with keeping proportion 3:2 in mind. Indian Flag is also known as Tiranga (Tri-color). Indian flag is proud thing for every Indian.

Indian Flag color meaning

Indian Flag Color Meaning

The flag of India shows the different aspects of India. Three colors are saffron, white and green, whereas Ashok Chakra has blue color. Ashok Chakra has total 24 equally spaced spokes which denotes motion. It’s the perfect symbol that denotes that India must keep moving forward. Indian Flag that we see today was adopted from the independence year of India. Indians started using tri-color flag or Tiranga after getting Independence in 1947.

Bhagawa or Saffron color denotes courage and sacrifice. Saffron is also used by many political parties from India. Saffron color lies at the top position of the Indian flag. Middle color Safed or White is the symbol of Peace. Green color at the bottom in the Indian flag is the symbol of the prosperity. In the middle of the flag over White stripe, lies Ashok Chakra. Ashok Chakra was originated at the time of Emperor Ashok, who spread the message of peace and righteousness all over world.

Indian Tri-color Flag meaning

Saffron – Courage and sacrifice

White – truth peace and purity

Green – prosperity

Blue Ashok Chakra – Laws of Dharma or righteousness

Here we shared you the detailed meaning of colors in the Indian flag. Hope you now know about what our flag actually reflects, other than just beautiful design. Stay tuned with us to keep on getting updates regarding this Independence day 2013.

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